Authentic Spaces - Woven Threads
Textures Atelier specializes in bespoke hand-crafted rugs, sustainable unique textile goods, intentional interior spaces, color and creative wellbeing consultations, happenings and retreats.


We create hand-crafted products with imagination, beauty, and vision.

Our rugs are all handwoven with fine materials and bring this softness from the hand of the maker to the soles of our feet with these special woven threads underfoot.

Our interiors are developed intentionally to bring out each client’s essence of a joyful and peaceful home space with symbolic vintage and modern pieces unique color palettes and playful patterns. Creating purposeful spaces to support one’s journey of self-discovery and inspiration.

Our sustainable textile line, Libéllule, translates as a dragonfly from the French origin of the word which has long been a symbol of transformation. These special textile products are symbols of this transformation as the fabrics have migrated from other parts of the world and at other times they are woven together in new and surprising harmonic stories.

Paula Lajaunie Viscogliosi

Weaving stories of connection from Artisan to the client, we celebrate people’s unique stories with the creative collaboration of old-world craftsmanship and innovative modern design. We create products with soul, beauty, and echoes of distant lands and times.

Paula Lajaunie Viscogliosi is the founder and creative director of Textures Atelier.
Her creative and expert eye oversees all aspects of the design and creative vision.